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It’s the New Year and companies are focused on targeting people making resolutions. Food, drink, health and lifestyle brands are capitalizing on health-driven resolutions with health-conscious campaigns. On the other hand, utility-based services are wise to target resolution-makers with better planners, task-managers and productivity apps.

In the sea of brands hungry for eager resolution-making consumers, we have yet to witness a single brand spearhead making resolutions for themselves, their consumers, or the community at large.

Why haven’t these brands pledged any resolutions themselves? As a company with a vision and mission statement, the new year presents the perfect opportunity to broadcast, reinforce and testify your brand values. After all, shouldn’t your 2018 plans reflect your vision and progress in better serving your community/consumers?

Based on the following companies’ vision statement and values, we thought to simply imagine what resolutions we would make in service to our customers – that is, if we spearheaded these brands.


The brand took a huge blow after reports of unfair telco plans being offered to certain customers, but not long-time loyal customers surfaced on social media back in 2016. Since, many customers have voiced their complaints against terrible service, lack of transparency and inconsistency in given information.

All one has to do is visit their Facebook page to witness the number of heated complaints.

We find it ironic that Maxis’ values is to connect and communicate with their customers whilst struggling with questionable customer service. Hence, we figure making a resolution to serving customers better in 2018 is the best way to tackle lingering negative perception. Even better, Maxis could offer FREE 1 GB for the whole month to every participant who takes their survey on service quality!


As Malaysia’s No. 1 online media and lifestyle company, it’s a surprise they haven’t campaigned to better create original content that both inspires and changes lives. After all, innovating and changing lives are their explicit values.

Astro could benefit by committing a resolution to creating and broadcasting more content on the importance of their specific community initiatives. Focusing on their efforts to develop communities will testify to their brand values and initiative to change lives through every medium.

Tenaga Nasional

Amidst concerning climate change and rising carbon emissions, Tenaga Nasional expresses its support and commitment to the ‘Green Energy Policy’, an eco-initiative. However, one would only know that three clicks into their company website.

As more energy companies board the eco-friendly train, brands like Tenaga Nasional would do well in clearly expressing their 2018 resolution to proactively researching sustainable energy for the future as well as contributing to the preservation of rich local fauna (as is their vision).


Being the flagship corporation of Malaysia, you’d think making a simple website/Facebook resolution campaign for 2018 would be something Petronas would consider. All they had was a simple new years greeting video – we’re not saying that’s bad, we’re saying there was a missed opportunity to showcase their technological progress and plans to better serve Malaysians.

Common questions about what Petronas has been doing, is doing, and will do for the future is ambiguous without dedicated research on their website.

We imagine pledging a resolution to further developing the community, environment, technology and education in specific sectors would clearly promote Petronas’ brand identity, values, and progress in the oil and gas industry thus far.

Many brands are quick to target consumers making health-conscious and financial resolutions, but remiss in taking an opportunity to restate, reposition, reinforce or promote their brand identity and values. This is especially important as current technological advancements and digital communications present a new set of challenges for all businesses and individuals. Resolutions is a chance to affirm your brand’s promise, and remind your consumers of who you are, and what you plan for them for the future.


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