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Two LRT and one monorail train stations in KL were recently rebranded under the Prasarana Malaysia Bhd’s Station Naming Rights Programme in hopes of increasing its revenue without raising the price of train fares.

Bangsar LRT station is now known as Bank Rakyat-Bangsar, Universiti LRT station as KL Gateway-Universiti and Bukit Bintang monorail station as AirAsia-Bukit Bintang.

The programme may be the first of its kind in South East Asia, but selling naming rights to corporations isn’t new to other parts of the world. They’ve got the Emirates Stadium in the UK, Staples Center in the US and Sony Centre for the Performing Arts in Canada.

With the LRT and monorail stations renamed, now it’s only left to our imagination in seeing how we can expand this rebranding exercise to other infrastructures in Malaysia. Below is The Bullet’s list of Malaysian landmarks and places that brands could latch on to their advantage:

Milo National Stadium

Nestle’s Milo is deeply ingrained in our culture for decades and is synonymous to the sports scene in Malaysia; who also came up with the slogan we all came to chant as a nation…Malaysia Boleh!

UniFi Penang Bridge

Because providing people high-speed broadband Internet means “bridging” the gap between people, which leads to opening up even more possibilities. Thanks UniFi!

Lilian Too North-South Expressway

Move over Kim K and Kanye, looks like Lilian Too has got her direction game stronger than you both and is owning the North-South Expressway like a Feng Shui master champion, which in fact, she is.

York Mount Kinabalu

York is giving Mount Kinabalu the chills, so cold that even Pocahontas can’t paint with all the colours of the wind.

Rebranding a location requires more than just giving it a new name because you need to also reflect your overall corporate identity, especially when you associate your brand to it. It will undoubtedly be a mutually beneficial partnership between owner of the properties and brands in exchange of revenue and exposure respectively.

With that being said, would you associate your brand with a landmark?

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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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