Many of us who celebrate Chinese New Year often gift or receive angpows without much thought beyond how much is in the packet. This focus on money may have brought us further away from the true meaning of Chinese New Year – that it’s not so much about the money as it is about the spirit of harmony and prosperity through the gifting and receiving of angpows.

We also take it for granted that we will definitely have a store of angpow packets to use or receive. Because most brands will invest in producing their very own red packet design, to rightly take advantage of this opportunity to put their brand right into the hands of the most important people – their customers.

But are brands doing enough? Are they truly maximising this auspicious time window to create a memorable impact? Or is it all just a sea of interchangeable red, pink and gold? This year, we put angpow designs to the test, compiling 84 red packets to put under our branding microscope. Hopefully our findings can help inspire you to do more with your angpow.


While some branded angpows were seen to be more widely circulated (i.e. Public Bank) as compared to others, this does not necessarily mean brand identification was easy and instantaneous upon first glance. The angpow design was generic enough that we did not know it was Public Bank without looking at the logo. And amidst the hustle and bustle of Chinese New Year, how many people actually do take notice of a brand logo?


On the other hand, a handful of angpow designs made their brand identity consistent, instant, and highly evident. We thought that those brands who did take the time to put some thought into making their angpow unique certainly did stand out and we had better brand recall. Surely you’ve had that conversation: “Wah angpow so nice and special, from where wan ah?” “Oh, it’s by brand X la!

Something as simple as an angpow packet is an ace opportunity to own Chinese New Year conversation and space. Hence, vesting time and careful thought to your angpow designs could be highly beneficial.

When you think about it, an angpow is a really handy way to get your brand passed around thousands of people. So why not invest in creating an on-brand angpow that is easily recognizable?

What does your angpow look like this year?

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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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