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Being in the branding business, we’ve seen a lot come and go. While some are expected – some still come as a shock. But we stand strong on the belief that you’ve got to give credit, where credit is due.

And this week’s branding credit goes to none other than Tan Sri Vincent Tan.

The Malaysian businessman, investor, former Chief Executive of Berjaya Corporation Berhad and first time football fanatic, has made the impossible happen by winning Cardiff City a place in the English Premier League; the first time this has ever happened in 51 years.

Three years ago, Tan admitted that he knew little about football – but today, virtually every football fan in Cardiff knows his name, as he held the Championship trophy in front of 27,000 ecstatic fans after purchasing the team.

Everybody laughed as Tan controversially announced the club’s rebrand from blue to red (changing a tradition of over 100 years!) and introduced a new club badge by turning the bird into a dragon. Although seen as a sacrilege to some Cardiff City enthusiasts, Tan had this to share about his decision:

“I still believe that red is a lucky colour for Cardiff and for Wales. After all, your national flag is a red dragon so we’re putting the red dragon back. The bluebird still remains.”

“I jokingly said previously the bluebird can fly, but it’s always been bullied by other symbols.”

“So now we have the bluebird protected by a strong dragon and the bluebird is teaching the dragon how to fly higher.”

That being a strong enough reason and rational basis to change a team’s heritage and art direction is still up for debate, but Tan Sri Vincent Tan is definitely doing something right.

Seriously, who thought that was going to work?

That is why I propose the same treatment to be done to the following (not so well-off) brands that we personally would love to see stay afloat.

With a touch of entrepreneurial thinking and a pint-full of absinth, we put the following brands under the microscope and ask ourselves: “What would Vince do?”

Disclaimer: The pictures proposed are nothing more than scribblings of a deluded blogger. Please consider with a pinch of salt.


We all love and remember Nokia for 2 main reasons; their indestructible exoskeleton and Snake the game. That is why we thought we’d embrace those 2 factors with a dragon theme, for prosperity or whatever. Create a scale-like dragon skin leather hard case for all existing phones and just rename the famous game something along the lines of “Dragon Warrior”, with in-game fire-breathing capabilities and a medieval bonus level. DONE.

Internet Explorer
Packed with content and nostalgia, nobody wants to see them go under. That is why the blue will have to go. Firefox may claim the colour red, but there will soon be a new reason why its fox stays curled up in a ball, quivering for its life when we take it from him. Think added features like a loud, booming dragon’s roar each time the ‘Enter’ button is pushed and a search filter that only looks for dragon-related content on the Internet.

Question 1: Why isn’t Firefly doing as well as other low-cost airlines like AirAsia? Because fireflies are weak animals! With a lifespan of about 2 months plus a diet consisting of only pollen and nectar, they are a joke in the animal kingdom and a travesty of a species as a whole.

Question 2: What is the most feared animal out there? You guessed it: dragons! That is why we should go all out on this one and hire a crack team of radical engineers to completely redesign the plane so it would resemble a giant winged reptile. Within it, the stewardesses should maintain the theme by wearing a full dragon suit (fangs and all), serving your in-flight drinks in spruced up chalices and a selection of raw meat as snacks.

But jokes aside, much effort has been put into Cardiff City than just a change in colour and a new logo. After all, there’s more to rebranding than just that.

You’ll have to begin from within – with a complete reassessment of the structure of your brand, reworked through and through.

Only then, may the resurrection begin.

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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