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Have you ever watched an old 80s Sci-Fi movie where they try to convey what the 21st century would look like, and you sit there completely baffled on how wrong they got it? Like the hover boards and TV screen windows in Back To The Future II or the hilarious fashion attire they thought we’d be rocking from The Fifth Element.

Mind you, they did prophesize certain things correctly! Animated billboards, touch screen computers (like in Minority Report), etc. But do we care? Not really.

We are living in the future and nobody is really noticing or fully appreciating the technological age that we are currently taking for granted! Having said that, existing in an era riddled with competitive consumerism, brands has churned out some mind boggling, cool and down right weird products that even the pot smoking conspiracy theorists in the 70s couldn’t see coming!

So in light of the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, here is our list of top 9 products nobody could predict would come into existence.

#1: A Playable Guitar Shirt
For the avid rockers and shredders, this snazzy shirt will allow you to impress all those around you, anytime, anywhere. Parties, trains, funerals, public toilets, you name it! Sold with a portal guitar amp, it’s about time real instruments made way for playable clothes. It’s the natural order!

#2: Pet Hoodies
As if a collar wasn’t stylish enough, pet hoodies are all the rave now! Simultaneously making your pet the bad boy on the block as well as a great conversation starter, I wonder if this breaches any animal cruelty regulations?


#3: Water Jetpack
Sure, movies like the Rocketeer saw jetpacks coming, but would anyone have guessed water jetpack? For only $100,000 this marvellous invention can lift you 30 feet up and thrust you 30 miles an hour. It’s the closest you’ll ever be to feeling like a superhero.

#4: Fruit Juicer Sprayer
If you love cooking but unfortunately have ridiculously frail and weak hands, this product is a lifesaver! Slicing, dicing and cutting were so yesterday! We’re not animals? We coexist with robots now! Just stab it in and start spraying, turning every dish into a mildly juicy one.

#5: Bike Lane Light
Okay, this one is pretty ingenious. With the use of lasers, this bike light shines a bike lane parameter for you to cycle in wherever you go, informing drivers exactly where you’re headed. No more near death experiences and the whole, “well I couldn’t see you” excuse.

#6: Finger Plates
Here’s the situation: You’re at a dinner party giving your best rendition of Hamlet, but you really need to fuel your artistry with lots of free wine and fancy finger food. What are you going to do? How do you balance everything? Get your grubby hands on finger plates of course!

#7: Rock Climbing Treadmill
Running in one spot? Get out of here! Now climb in one spot! First there were rock faces, then climbing gyms and now this! Soon enough you’ll be climbing in your sleep. Get your blood pumping and work on that cardio with this vertical treadmill.


#8: Hover Bike
It’s almost as if Marty McFly and Harry Potter got together in a boardroom meeting and discussed what people would want for the coming Christmas. Still a spanner in the works, this dual propeller hovercraft is estimated to travel over 170 miles per hour.

#9: Handerpants
Ever felt people around you judge those naked hands of yours? Well put your insecurities to rest with these fingerless gloves designed to look like men’s briefs. No longer do you need to shamefully hide those knuckled monstrosities of yours in deep pockets.

This goes to show, we have no real grasp of what is to come in the future. Despite all the expertise, nobody can even possibly say what the world would look like in a year’s time. The unpredictability of the world we live in is extraordinary and wonderful. As a brand, all you can do is innovate, taking each day at a time and not squander on the unknown. Because its the unknown that hold life’s greatest pleasures, so let it arrive naturally.

Happy holidays everyone.

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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