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With so much happening around the world from Hurricane Sandy to increasing unemployment rates, we all still made time for the American 2012 Elections, archiving Romney’s and Obama’s every move like a well narrated David Attenborough documentary.

We’re tuned in with eyes glued to the constant stream of election statements, statistics and stories. But why do we do this? Are we all this politically driven, even for a country that we are not part of? Or do we just need more topical subjects to brush up on when around the water cooler during our breaks?

I’d like to think the majority of us are leaning towards the latter. But if so, why do we spend so much time on blogs and Youtube, spamming the comments section with our biased views, opinions and beliefs? Social media is having a field day with our constant bombardment of Tweets and status updates about presidents who aren’t even governing us.

It all boils down to the simple fact that as sentient beings and individuals, it is all part of our nature for wanting to hate, to pick a side and to feel for the underdog. Its built into our genetic code.

Similarly, when there are ongoing battles between brands, we immediately take this opportunity to jump into action and showoff our distinct brand of uniqueness to the world. “I am an individual, hear me roar!”.

Take for instance, Coke vs Pepsi, Apple vs PC, Mercedes vs BMW. I for one don’t consume soft drinks, am not very technologically savvy nor do I drive a sports car, but at the end of the day, still have my preferences and a flimsy excuse why I do so.

The ongoing war between brands (whether serious or not) is a great marketing ploy that should not be ignored. These battles usually attract a large audience where we sit and anticipate brands’ moves and counter attacks against each other. They also highlight the fact that, no matter how civilised or sophisticated we become, we all still love a good fight. The more talk and hype a feud creates, the better for all parties involved. For brands, it’s also a great way to discover just how much your fans love you, and why.

So the big question is; who has your brand’s back?

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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