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Pee in the Shower, seriously.

I came across this very interesting campaign at a talk held by 95% Advertising Academy, and it’s definitely worth sharing!

Xixi No Banho is unlike many eco campaigns out there. Instead of going “No to this-” and “No to that-“, it approached the subject of water conservation in a manner nobody expected:

It encourages people to pee in the shower.

Yes, folks. They actually want you to trickle while you’re showering. And they have a darn well reason as to why you (and every legend dead or alive, apparently) should embrace it.
According to the campaign, a single flush uses up to 12 liters of drinking water! And if this peeing-in-the-shower habit picks up, some 18.5 billion liters of water will be saved in Brazil alone, in just one year!

Find it hard to believe? Just watch this video!

This Brazilian campaign was so successful it involved no media investment whatsover and even achieved a spontaneous payback of USD 20,642,189.36. Top that off with 3 Lions at Cannes as well.

Now excuse me while I, shh.
  • spiderbear

    That means… I've been saving water all my life!!! Haha. Interesting approach. And taboos be damned. We Asians have too many do's and don'ts anyway.

  • Peter Gan

    Brilliant! There's a very simple idea, from a deep insight, that went absolutely VIRAL.
    Everybody pees in the shower, it's just that we didn't know that this simple act of 'sinful' release could save the environment. Instant fame!

  • Humbugger

    My brothers opted to save the environment by flushing less….

  • Jason I WeeMin

    My brothers opted to save the environment by flushing less….

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