If you think Instagram is just a platform for you to flex your finger muscle to double tap (note: to like a photo) on autopilot as you wait for the next train, well, think again.

Instagram, a photo and video-sharing app, has taken the social media world by storm, surpassing Facebook and Twitter with over 300 million monthly active users to date – 90% of whom are under the age of 35.

People use Instagram for a variety of purposes – a visual diary, photography page, fashion look book, travel gallery, food blog…you name it!

While it is a lovable social app for personal use, Instagram is also a powerful tool for companies to build market awareness. More prominently in the fashion industry, the photo-sharing feed has become the most preferred social network as part of their digital marketing strategy.

Such can be seen in the likes of Daniel Wellington and Triangl. And if you’ve been living under the social media rock, these two brands are the brainchild behind every preppy NATO strap watch and vibrant colour-block bikinis that have been making waves on Instagram in the past year.

Daniel Wellington and Triangl have a few things in common. With only a few years of establishment, they are both some of the fastest-growing companies in the world for their respective product, providing an affordable luxury for the masses, and it all happened because of Instagram.

So what can we learn from these two brands – one that refuses to pay for traditional advertising and the other that has a zero marketing budget to begin with?

First, let’s get to know:


Specific & User-controlled

It’s a social media app that focuses only on photos and videos where people get to choose who they want to follow. Unlike Facebook, it doesn’t have a messy combination of contents (some of which users may not want to see) appearing on the newsfeed by default.

Visual Narrative

Pictures are the best way to tell a story, because well, it speaks a thousand words. Instead of writing a long-winded post, people can just show exactly what they’re up to.

Simple & Fun

It’s easy as SFC – Snap, Filter, Caption! Take a photo, add a filter, caption it and share it with friends and family. It’s a space where users can turn mundane objects into masterpieces through the use of filters and special effects.

And for that, here are some tips on:


Have A Branded Style

Create contents that are of high quality and post them in a consistent manner. For instance, Triangl has a theme of cataloguing their images by alternating between pictures of models in their swimwear and a beautiful seaside. This in turn has made it easier for fans to identify with their brand.

Talk To Your Fans

Interact with your audience such as liking, commenting and sharing their photos. For example, Daniel Wellington encourages its customers to tag their photos of them wearing its watches with the hashtag #danielwellington for a chance to be featured on its official page. It’s definitely a great way to keep the engagement going between the brand and the fans.

Invest In Influencers

There are reasons why Daniel Wellington and Triangl opted for Instagram influencers and local bloggers rather than celebrities. It’s because they are an original content creator with a voice in the online community. And with a measurable number of followers, it’s easier to gauge how many people that your brand is reaching to.

As of now, there’s really no better platform to target the fashion-conscious millennials other than on Instagram. Fashion and Instagram work beautifully hand-in-hand because young people crave for a space to display their love for fashion and lifestyle and Instagram has that visually appealing medium that’s able to cater to their needs. It’s free, easy to use, a source of inspiration and a fun way to get in touch with people.

With all that said, how has Instagram helped you with your brand?

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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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