We’ve all heard about the 7 deadly sins. Movie enthusiasts would remember “Se7en”, a brilliant thriller starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. But how many of us would freely admit to committing one (or all!) of these sins?

I subscribe to a very different religious idea compared to the general masses, so when it comes to branding, the words “deadly sins” don’t sound so, well… deadly. Here’s why:


Greed is defined as “wanting too much of something”. When it comes to branding, I prefer turning that word into “AMBITION”.  Branding is all about being ambitious and empowering yourself to go out into the world and tell everyone, “Here I am! See me, and hear me roar!” In the process of developing a mark that is created around you, having ambition will definitely bring you a long way. Also, it gets things done and is a great anti-procrastination tool to boot.


What’s wrong with people lusting all over your brand? That shows that whatever branding strategy you’re implementing works! What would you do to make people fall in love with you? To listen to you? To see you as their inspiration? Simple: BE YOURSELF. Find your own style, and use this uniqueness to attract the jobs and clientele you know you deserve.


When I think of the word “gluttony”, my thoughts turn to the horde of zombies that populate The Walking Dead series. See the empty look in their eyes as their jaws yearn for a sweet morsel of flesh? See how they don’t care about obstacles in their path, as long as they get to their dinner portion?

Now, picture yourself as a ravenous zombie. There’s a deadline ahead of you. Or maybe it’s a hurdle. You’re thinking of leaving it till tomorrow. Do you? NO! You’re a gluttonous zombie! Think about the hunger inside you and go get your job done. Zombies never procrastinate, and here’s when it’s good to have a wee bit of gluttony inside you for the sake of productivity.


We’ve covered the term “debranding” before, hawking it as the future of branding. Now, this is when being a sloth works very well in personal branding – you’re no longer a mindless, branding machine out to cover all grounds and in the process, possibly annoy the heck out of your audience.

What you want is to step back and look at the scene unfold in front of you. How can debranding take you further? How can you make people see you as a real person, with a real voice? Sometimes it pays to just take it easy and pace it out.


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