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Welcome to ganforhire,

Congratulations on your first step in a journey to discovering your brand’s truth!

Branding yourself, your company, your organisation or your product begins with the truth.

Your brand is as unique as your fingerprint. There is absolutely no one like you. You are the sum total of the experiences you go through in your life, and the world wants to know you.

In order for you to differentiate yourself from the rest, we need to find out what’s unique about you. That’s our job.

If you’re really interested in finding out who you truly are, all you need to do is talk to us. Really talk so we can hear your truth and then tell your story.Then and only then can you really have an authentic brand that truly stands for who you are.

Let’s talk.

Yours respectfully,


Peter Gan,


Beliefs that guide our advertising and branding work:

Factories make products, consumers buy brands

A brand is a product, service or an organisation with a personality.

A brand is a culmination of a thousand little gestures.

Internalise, then externalise.

Our people may all come from diverse backgrounds but we’re story-tellers at heart.

Peter Gan

Founder & CEO

Brand or Die.


Head of Finance & HR

Numbers. It does not lie.

Delani Philips

Creative Head

There is a crack in everything/ That’s how the light gets in.

Kit Ying

Studio Manager

Using design as my tool to explore what humanity is.

Hanna Lee

Senior Writer

I believe that with enough coffee, anything is possible.

Sizzie Daud

Senior Designer

Everything you can imagine is real.

Amir Afiq


Passionately in love in designing things.

Brenda Yew

Brand Executive

A true & optimistic believer in the power of empathy which allows me to get into your head easily. And clients, hopefully!

Lih Wern

Brand Executive

To always be kind and have courage.