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Many Malaysians were sick of hearing politicians speak with crude disregard and tired of being represented by racist bigots who maintain the spotlight. And so were we!

We believed in seeing past the colour of our neighbours; to recognise them for who they truly are: Malaysians!
So we decided to create a platform for the silent majority to drown out the rising racism with appreciation and love.
Thus KITA MALAYSIA was born – a Facebook page that promotes heart-warming stories about Malaysia, from the achievements of its people to the beauty that blooms when Malaysians are united.

Who are we?

Malaysian who believe in sharing this nation.

What is our purpose?

  • To create a platform for Malaysians to peacefully rise against bigotry, ignorance and injustice with a wave of love, compassion and wisdom;

  • To embrace and celebrate our diversity and differences

  • To make Malaysia more inclusive

  • To open up a space for the silent majority of Malaysia to stand up and speak up

  • To continue to make Malaysia a home for all.

Who are we affiliated to?

Everyone from all backgrounds and political affiliations are welcome to join us, as long as they share our belief of a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural Malaysia.

For more details, visit our Facebook Page