We’re not everyone’s cup of tea, which you’ll probably discover if you gave us the chance to talk over coffee. Thinkers, dreamers, poets, storytellers, comic book nerds, movie lovers; we’re each an individual in our own right, which is why we always have different perspectives to bring to the table. And that means you always get a rich array of creative and strategic solutions to whatever branding issues you may be facing.

We’re people people.

Branding isn’t about logos and media profiles and colour palettes and stunning imagery; it’s about people.

We believe that if people don’t understand people, they’ll never understand what makes a brand work. That’s why we focus on the part of the branding equation that matter most; the people who create and own brands, and those who consume them.

We’re honest to say
we don’t have all the answers.

Which is why we love asking questions. We are generally curious and inquisitive people, and asking questions is by far the best way to learn more about you, your brand and the many people and elements that define it.

Why? Because these are questions you wouldn’t normally ask yourself, and are likely to reveal truths that you never thought you knew about yourself, your organisation and your brand.

You’ll have access to
our top people, all the time.

We won’t send our third or fourth team to come and see you because, well, firstly because we don’t believe in having a rigid team structure, and secondly, we’re an owner-run independent branding agency and our bosses love getting their hands dirty.

You’ll get to interact with the top minds in our company and
derive maximum value from them on a regular basis, so you know your brand in the best hands at all times.

We’re tell you the truth,
even if don’t ask for it.

And sometimes, even if it means losing your business. Yes, it happens. But we keep on doing it anyway. Because all we’re doing is practicing what we preach and being true to what makes us unique.

You can expect us to be frank when giving feedback, to ask the hard questions and to call it as we see it, all to preserve the sanctity of your brand. It’s our way of living our truth, the way we want our clients to live theirs.