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This time ’round, we’ll talk about commercials that hit closer to home!

No, not Yasmin’s masterpieces – but the series of MyEG ads.
Heavily circulated, paired with a very catchy jingle (sorry Sugar Ray fans, you can’t deny that it’s heavily infectious), what we could gather is that they knew exactly who they wanted to target. The young, the hip, and households with Internet access.
To cover it all, they seem to have experimented with a few directions. Some brilliant, some absolutely cringeworthy. For easy recall, let’s nickname the four : High School Musical, the Twitter Boy, the Maid, and the Ah Moi ad.
High School Musical
Featuring Deborah Henry, this is the MyEG TVC that started it all. Flanked by a myriad of spotlights, and dancers in red ensembles, she sings about the many functions of MyEG and how easy it is to use. Unfortunately, this TVC lacked depth and could have drilled the message it was trying to deliver much better. What has dancing got to do with online transaction services? The message was lost. At best, it was a music video that kickstarted the signature MyEG jingle.
The Twitter Boy
Who doesn’t love a self-mocking ad? Light-hearted humour goes a long, long way for the younger crowd nowadays. Why, I myself admit that I have actually tweeted something similar not too long ago! As much as you dislike the dancing TVC, you have to agree that MyEG’s online apps are highly useful during desperate times!

The Maid
A fairly simple ad, the message is clearly delivered. That you can renew the maid’s permit online. The acting left much to be desired, as for the life of me, I can’t seem to recall a household that uses the term “dear” in such a condescending manner, and has a heavily accesorised maid. It didn’t feel “real” at all.
The Ah Moi
I absolutely love this ad. Question the need for the security video playback or the Mat Salleh scenes as much you want, I believe that it’s those unnecessary bits that made it all come together. There’s something very comical, witty and far-fetched about this TVC that many locals can relate to. A trademark Malaysian humour perhaps? And the message is well delivered- there’s no need to go out, you can settle your bills from home! MyEG struck gold here.

It takes quite a few attempts but we can fairly say that MyEG’s headed for the right direction. They’ve moved on from the shallow dance music video to something more feasible, meaty, and comes with a call of action.

Let’s see what they come up with next!

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