A New Chinese Lunar Year approaches, but there is barely any whisper made by the year’s animal zodiac. It may not be Chinese New Year yet, but not having a lead up to the celebrations unfolding on the 8th of February, kinda makes the hype non-existent. However, we are thankful there is a Monkey King film coming out.

As mischievous as a monkey can be, we feel they deserve a space, at least in the advertising world. The only one we could find is Air Asia’s No Monkey Business Deal. And that is not sufficient, not by a long banana!

So we have decided to come up with a list of possible monkey lines that would suit particular brands.

Too much monkey business? Fret no more.

A reference to the great Chuck Berry is a good fit for brands that offer convenience and a simpler solution. Many apps has created a platform that takes out the monkey business we need to endure in our everyday lives.

For brands that offer ready connections to service providers:

1.    Uber

2.    K-Fit

3.    Kaodim

A ‘Go Bananas’ Bonanza!

Chinese New Year always brings along with it prosperity and happiness. Imagine just jumping amongst a sea of trampolines, or see your kiddies wiped out after spending hours in a vast gym-like play area. And what better way to portray happiness than to just let loose and Go Bananas!
For brands that offer the thrill of happiness:

1.    Jump Street Asia

2.    Sunway Lagoon

3.    Gymboree

Finding your Prime mate

With Chinese New Year close by, you know what’s coming around the corner. Valentine’s Day. A monkey tagline double whammy!
For brands that offer dating services:

1.    Tinder

2.    Halal Speed Dating

3.    Paktor

The Grease Monkeys for your travels

CNY is a time when people travel. And with travel you’ll need trustworthy mechanics to tune your cars for you in order to avoid going through any kind of disruptions along your way to your respective family.

For brands offering trustable car services:

1.    Lim Tayar

2.    Continental

Hear Evil, See Evil, Speak of Evil

This tagline can only be owned by one brand. An NPO, but still a brand. For their dedicated persistence of uncovering and unveiling truths.
For the one and only:

1.    The Sarawak Report

And these are merely a list of lines that came out from the top of our heads. I’m sure there are better ways to put it out there.

How would you Monkey around with your brand?

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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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