Mother's Day

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I don’t know how mothers do it. I don’t think anyone does, maybe not even mothers themselves.

They’ve got the sort of love that’s too big for words and need not be understood. The sort that is patient with the demanding, wailing kid in a toy store and is able to put up with a million “Why(s)”.

The kind that knows when we’re lying to their face but still let it slide. The love that is able to push through angry thoughts and slamming doors.

It’s a special brand of love that looks at all our flaws and us and is still able to say, I love you everyday.

And there are a million different ways to encompass and materialise our gratitude and thanks for this kind of love.

Here are just but a few examples of saying thanks to the universal feeling of constant caring we get from our mothers:

Red Bull, Thai Commercial

P&G Thank You, Mum

Tencent, Your Companion Of 12 Years

TC Bank, A Mother’s Courage

What is your special brand of love?

[Image by Patheck]

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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