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Mission (Statement) Impossible

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to stop thinking up mission statements that mean nothing except to a handful of people at the top. It doesn’t matter how nicely worded it is, or how inspiring it sounds to the board member, or how cleverly it connects the different elements in your brand strategy; a mission statement is just that, a statement, and not, in fact, a mission.

Oftentimes, leaders spend too much time debating the words of a mission statement, and too little on really defining that very important something that’s truly meaningful, non-negotiable and absolutely worth doing.

Because when you have a crack team of individuals who are each experts in their own disciplines at your beck and call, you know the last thing they’ll do, and possibly the last thing you’d expect, is for them to just take your word on anything. But give them a compelling reason, a challenging objective, a pursuit with potentially lucrative and fulfilling rewards, and the only statement you’d need is “Go.”

So here’s what you can do.
Decide, with the best minds in your company, what your mission is. What difference you’re going to bring to the world, how you’ll transform the way people live, how you’re going to make things better. Then, act on it. That, in itself, is making your statement.

At Ganforhire brandsolutions, our mission is to build powerful, sustainable brands by telling true stories about them.

What’s yours?

  • Fantastic article.   What’s truly amazing to me is how much time is often spent writing mission statements that turn out meaningless in the end.   

    • Dear Jim,

      It’s absolutely awesome to find a kindred spirit who believes in the same thing we do. We’ve worked with too many clients who just don’t understand that a mission statement is a statement of intent, not a work of art to be admired and fawned over. Here’s to the power of truth, and of Story.


  • Van

    Just this past week while meeting with some very creative people, the discussion came up about the disparities between what companies “say” they do, and what they really do.  Jokes began about mission statements that were soaked in platitude juice, & hung on the wall to dry.  The cartoon you posted here is a wonderful visual that nails it.  Thank you for posting. 

    • Hi Van, thanks for the positive comments. I think we all need a lot less talking about missions, and a whole lot more of actually getting them done. 


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