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Here at The Bullet, we’re constantly reminding you that your brand needs to have a personality.

You need to know how your brand speaks, what clothes it would wear, what car it would drive or even what music it would listen to. Only then would you get a fully fleshed out brand that your consumers can truly relate to.

That got us thinking about the ads we see on a daily basis and what types of personalities they actually embody. So we decided to go through our favourite Malaysian billboards and we matched them with a celebrity we thought would resonate with the message.

This is a half fun-half serious look into how your brand is perceived by others:

1)    The Kanye West

This is for the billboards whose main value propositions is the egotistical, chest-thumping “I’m #1”. We understand that you need to create a unique value proposition, but if everyone is number 1, then no one is number 1. But that said, Kanye is always the talk of the town, so maybe he’s onto something.

2)    The Kim Kardashian

This is for the billboards that doesn’t quite make sense. It looks fine, it follows all design rules, but it just lacks substance. But as Kim K has proven many times over, you don’t need to have much in the noggin’ to be the centre of attention. Eye-candy wins every time.

 3)    The Robin Williams

This is for the funny, tongue-in-cheek, and endearing billboards that grace our landscape. Laughter truly is the best medicine and no on has given us more of that than the late Robin Williams. You can always win hearts if you know how to tickle the funny bone.

4)    The George W

This is for the billboards that speaks a lot but doesn’t say much. It wants to throw in so much information that it ends up giving you no information at all. It’s akin to a classic Geoge W. rambling; he just doesn’t stop talking even when he’s already dug himself a hole he can’t get out of.

At first glance, this may seem like a futile exercise, but a deeper look reveals a lot about how certain brands carry themselves in public. That is why we are adamant that you need to flesh out the character that represents your brand well before her debut.

So the next time you are creating a billboard ad, ask yourself: Whom does this ad sound like? Am I going to like him? Or is he going to be just white noise in the already saturated landscape that is the advertising industry. And if you don’t like your answer, revisit the drawing board until you come up with a personality you actually like.

Who does your brand sound like?

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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

Don’t want to miss out on the weekly shots of branding? Subscribe to our e-newsletter.

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