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The concept of Guerrilla Marketing has been around for a while. The term itself was coined in ’84 and since then, brands have been dabbling in the art for some time.

It isn’t an easy task, especially if you have a lot to lose. The strategy is essentially breaking down doors and shoving an idea/product down your throat – no one likes their doors broken down and we’re quite sure orally violating someone could be considered sexual harassment. Jokes aside, the choice to enter guerrilla warfare is a risky one but if done right, the returns are bountiful.

Since we love the good, the bad, and the ugly here at The Bullet, we’ve made a list of guerrilla marketing ads in Malaysia that could rightly be mistaken as gorillas marketing.  These hit and run ads are nothing less than spectacular in their ability to crawl into our brains and hibernate in our psyche.


They say pimpin’ ain’t easy – and it must be even harder when your avenues for advertising is zilch (being that you’re an illegal organization). That’s why the great and unforgettable Volcano Massage service is on the top of this list. Not only is it underhanded and crafty, it creates an image that penetrates your mind, among other things. However, when being subtle, make sure it’s also precise; we’ll never know what a Cheese Massage is – but we’re guessing the intriguing names lead to a lot of people calling in, even if it’s out of curiosity.


When facing stiff competition, make sure you always stand out. This familiar Malaysian ad that promises to fix your impotence comes in many shapes and sizes and lengths – but it’s strength and hardiness comes from the creative way the products are named. ‘Spring Return’ is our favourite as it envisions a lovely season to come, and the many activities you can partake in upon arrival of fair weather.



Don’t play around with your brand conversation. This guerrilla ad wins the Straight Up Award. No frills, no fillers; just a direct sales pitch to help you pitch a tent.  Malaysia’s renowned guerrilla Adult Toy ad takes hard sell to a whole new level.





Our homegrown loan sharks know a thing or two about their target audience. Their strategically placed ads can be found outside illegal gambling dens, lottery ticket booths, red light districts, and the obsolete public phone booth. These romantic Ah Longs that just love painting the town red have a spot saved for them on this list thanks to their sheer audacity and aggressive approach to making a business work. Just don’t let being a target audience turn you into target practice.



Nothing says education better than an illegal ad posted atop your neighbourhood street lamp. We give these start-up home tuition companies an A+ for effort, but an unfortunate F- for messing up a potentially positive brand name. Do you truly want to send your kids to study at an institution that is incapable of following the law?




As the adage goes: Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken. We’re not too sure whether these methods are working for these companies but their strategy hasn’t changed for over a decade so we’re guessing they must be doing something right. However, just know that there are better and smarter ways to market your product when working with a small budget.

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