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Throughout the years, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has been more than just the national carrier of Malaysia. It became a symbol of Malaysia. It offered passengers a glimpse of what Malaysia is: Truly Asia.

Their logo represents the Wau Bulan, a cultural moon kite enjoyed by the youths of the country. The MH serves as more than an airline code, it means Malaysian Hospitality. And it is represented through their cabin crew, who has represented the nature of Malaysian culture: a humble and caring society. This claim was backed by Skytrax as the “World’s Best Cabin Crew” in 2012, after bringing home the international accolade 8 times since 2001.

Their corporate image is also represented through the World’s Best Cabin Crew, as the female flight attendants dons the traditional Malaysian dress which has elements that represents Malaysia, from the batik material, to the floral designs, and the lapels of the dress.

MAS had lived up to their slogan, “Going Beyond Expectations”, as they offer great connectivity across the globe. And after being selected to be a part of Oneworld Hubs, which is made up of 15 of the best airlines around the world, MAS had truly become your window to the world.

But the codeshare agreement between MAS and Emirates drew in some sense of confusion. It makes consumers wonder, what will Malaysia be benefiting through this deal?

Codeshare is an aviation business arrangement where two or more airlines share the same flight. In this case, the Emirates will take over MAS’s MH4000 – MH4999 series from Dubai onwards.

MAS will be providing the Emirates with passengers from the Asian Pacific, while accommodating the European, African, and American passengers travelling with Emirates to the Asia Pacific.

With their newly-formed partnership, they have cemented a worldly connection. Asides from enjoying the world-class services of both renowned airlines, consumers have an expanded amount of places they can travel to, and with so much ease.

Yet, the confusion still lingers, which brings to the question, how is MAS continuing to represent Malaysia, when they’re re-accommodating their passengers to the Emirates? The extra destinations are definitely worthwhile for Malaysians, but is it worthwhile for Malaysia?

Now MAS can only provide the Malaysian experience to as far as Dubai and London. Imagine happily indulging in your Nasi Lemak, then have it taken away, and be replaced with a kebab. Passengers will only be experiencing the hospitality of the World’s Best Cabin Crew, halfway through.

Although MAS can now claim to be able to bring Malaysians to travel and experience a much wider array of countries with so much ease, sadly they would leave the Malaysian experience at the doorstep of the Dubai airport. The partnership is definitely a “connection between the best of both worlds – Malaysia Airlines and Emirates,” but now passengers won’t be able to fly the full Truly Asia experience.

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