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Mail a KitKat!

There’s nothing scarier than having to make your product stand out in a Japanese store shelf. Think about it, how exactly can you compete with the throngs of cute, extremely innovative and simply outrageous impulse items flanking yours left, right and center?

Get your own bloody shelf, of course!
In a post office, no less.

The recent phenomenon that struck Japan in March this year escalated not only the sales of KitKat, but also created such a revolutionary trend that helped the Japan Post Offices spark new business opportunities like never before.

KitKat worked hand-in-hand with over 20,000 Japan Post outlets, initially to send out ready-made good luck packages which played on the brand name KitKat because it familiarises with the Japanese term “kitto katsu”, which translates to “surely win”.

In addition to the popular ritual of gift-giving in Japan, this trend quickly caught on, especially among students who took the opportunity to mail across edible good luck “greetings” to fellow classmates for their upcoming exams! KitKat Mail became a hit overnight.

Boasting an impressive range of 19 unique KitKat flavours (only available in Japan, of course. Pfft!) the variety and limitations of KitKat Mail made no room for monotomy. From wasabi white chocolate to cheesecake, one can only wonder what other tastebuds-puzzling flavours they’ve yet to produce.

As a pioneer, KitKat Mail now stands at the sole permanent product to be sold in Japan Post oulets.

This innovative craze generated an astounding value of USD11 million worth of free PR coverage, and won advertising agency JWT Japan the prestigious Media Grand Prix title at the 56th Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in June 2009.

So what are your views on this? To break, or not to break?

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