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Human beings as a society have always been hungry for knowledge; mankind thrives on information, which is what brought us this far in the first place.

Regardless if its information about the closest fast food restaurant or the astrophysics equation for gravity, almost anyone can gain access to this vast wealth of information by simply “Googling” it.

It is an information hungry world, and we expect to find whatever we are looking for with just a click of a mouse.

With that said, it is only understandable that many marketers would want to leverage on this by bombarding their customers with “attractive” information about their products.

Even with the ever creative advertising work that we see today, many companies still revolve around information centric press ads or infomercials.

One simply has to browse through the daily newspaper and you will see ads that are laden with product specifications; making the reader aware of the its groundbreaking technology, how it’s designed to the highest aesthetic standards, its promotional deals, colour combinations and basically every other logical reason you should buy it over its similar competitors – almost like a laundry list except a little more artistic.

By saying too much you risk saying nothing at all. Too much information makes an ad dreary.

It leans towards the rational when you really want to be aiming for the emotional, non-tangible area that can lead to so much more engagement.

Cold, hard facts about the product are no doubt important, but those only come after you have hooked the fish.

In the meantime however, when there are many other similar products in the market, what draws a consumer would be the emotional confidence he or she has in your brand.

Here are a few examples of brands that have embraced and consequently thrived in simplicity through a softer approach.

NIKE’s We Are All Witnesses

NIKE’s campaign was a simple message that grasped the audiences attention to superstar NBA player Lebron James.

Apple’s Silhouetted iPod

One of Apple’s biggest ad campaigns, using a colourful background and dancing silhouettes sent a clear and fun message.

Whiskas’ “Big Cat, Small Cat”

Instead of focusing on the ingredients of their cat food, Whiskas simply went straight to the point with a feline’s instinct through telling visuals and a witty ad line.

McDonald’s French Fries

A simple graphic oriented ad with lots of white space. Minimal copy, but effective message through smart visuals.

So there it is, in the end a purchasing decision in today’s ever changing market is influenced by many factors; including that of the tangible selling characteristics of the product.

But the key step that needs to be taken first to tip the scale in favour of your product is the simple, straightforward reason that a consumer would want to ultimately engage with your brand’s experience in the first place. And that reason is something YOU have to figure out yourself.

Does your brand really know what it’s saying?

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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

Don’t want to miss out on the weekly shots of branding? Subscribe to our e-newsletter.

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