Lonely Brands

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Lonely Brands

It’s ironic, but even as social media becomes a prevalent part of our everyday existence, playing an integral role in our lives and shaping the very fabric of our society, it’s also giving birth to behaviour that’s in direct opposition to its name.

Its very name is a potential source for trouble, simply because Social Media really isn’t a media at all. And that’s where the problems begin.

Being social is about building relationships, creating a sense of community, interacting with others in a way that leads to camaraderie and rapport. But instead of using these social tools and platforms to achieve these objectives, many marketers build campaigns around social media that are defined, not by the quality of interactions and meaningful engagements, but by quantitative measures like the number of clicks, LIKES, shares and the ilk.

This, in essence, turn the social phenomenon into JUST ANOTHER MEDIA, and that, to put it simply, is just plain anti-social. Because if we perceive humans interacting with other humans in a social manner as merely media, then we would have completely missed the point, and underestimated the potential, of the social scene.

So how do you get back on track, if that’s really what you want to do?
Here are just three simple ways:

1. Be a friend who listens, not a salesman who sells.

Nobody likes a narcissistic companion. It’s not all about me, me and me. Listen to what your audience has to say, converse with them directly and be responsive. Being a good listener will always work in your favour.

2. Stop with the LIKES and interact!

For any business, it’s always great when you are able to quantify your success, but social media isn’t about the amount of LIKES you get, it’s about the interaction between you and your consumer. FACT: 96% of people who ‘like’ a brand page, never return to it. Would you rather have a proper conversation or just a pat on the back?

3. Social media is not a channel, it’s a conversation.

A lot of people when dealing with social media treat it as a linear tool that merely gets you from A to B. Once they feel like they’ve gotten what they wanted, they stop interacting and move on. This is the biggest mistake of all. Like with any friend, the conversation will have to keep on being engaging in order to maintain that bond.

So, are you ready to get social again?

[Image by Rob Cottingham]

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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