We owe you an apology, oh Syukur. We took you for granted. We treated you like a fool. We thought you were meaningless; that you were cold, that you had no soul; coming to us only when you please.

But then we realised, it was all us.

We were the cold hearted fools who never saw you as what you truly are. Coming to you as we please, and thought happiness is what we choose it to be.

Looking back, we realised why happiness hasn’t been the same. It was you Syukur, we were missing you.

Happiness means so little without you around. You are the reason we treasure every moment in life:

–    For landing my first job, with colleagues so friendly and helpful.
–    For working in an office that, during Ramadan, has a bazaar nearby selling delicious food.
–    For the knowledge I have obtained, and the social skills I have developed.
–    For the hard work I put in everyday that helps pay my rent.
–    For the unexpected delays that gave me more time to prepare when I needed it most.
–    For those who has supported me all the while I’ve been navigating through this life.

Because no matter good or bad, we know it was all worth our development as human beings.

And since the month of Ramadan has come and gone, I’m sure there are those who would thank you for allowing them to leave work early, due to the efforts they placed while fulfilling their fasting duties.

But most of all, I am thankful for the occasions where I get to see my family and friends. All of which have been more joyful with your presence. It’s not often that I feel this joy.

Sometimes it takes a whole year for us to see them. Nevertheless, it was all thanks to you, as you have constantly reminded us of our loved ones. We know that now, and we have you to be grateful for that Syukur.

And to all of you reading this, please help us find Syukur at

A very Selamat Hari Raya to everyone, and especially you, Syukur. Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

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