Vytautas Mineral Water

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Ever since the dawn of time, when one man wanted to sell his goods (whatever that might be) to his neighbouring companion (especially with stiff competition all around), it would usually take a lot of persuading to do. He would probably be showing off its shape, describing the magic within or even going into great detail on what others are saying about it.

There usually is a common strategy to these things, depending on the product.

Fast forward into the future and we’re still doing the same thing. We’re essentially telling our customers to own or purchase this shiny new object by listing its advantages or visually representing it in a way that would make them drop whatever their doing to go get theirs now!

“Sprinkle this on your fruit and you’ll live 23 extra years!”
“Single because your wrists are too wrinkly? Buy our new wrist emulsifying cream!”
“Remember your high school bully? Shake his hands with this glove and he’ll be impotent for the rest of this life!”

The list goes on.

Usually it acts as some form of advantage whether it be physical, emotional or social but now we’re entering a new era where no benefit or even downright lies about the product means a memorable and effective advertisement.

It all started with a sketch done in 2007 by a Canadian comedy group called Picnicface, where they poked fun at inherent in-your-face advertising for ‘extreme’ products like energy drinks. Powerthirst was loud, random and hilarious.

After 25 million views, this style of comedy was contagiously catching on and people started to make copies. And it just never seems to get old! Here is one done in a similar style about mineral water.

This method of advertising seemed so extraordinary and unforgettable that even Old Spice broke away from its unique and original, “I’m a man on a horse…” tactic and started to do the same. Yes, from what started as a joke about advertising has now been taken on by real companies to legitimately advertise their products!

And why wouldn’t you? I think the audience has grown jaded from the same old song and dance, with overly touched up images of the product spinning around centre-screen and scenarios where the target audience get to enjoy it in its full glory.

No. Now we demand for ads that are out of the ordinary. We all the know the benefits of toothpaste, deodorant and pocket sized snacks by now. We’re not idiots. Now, entertain us!

I don’t know about you, but I am eagerly waiting to see how commercials evolve from here, because it can only get more ridiculous, more insane and most importantly more memorable.

How is your brand breaking away from the norm?

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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