“The market is easy to break into! If there is a need, there is a way. And EVERYBODY has needs!”

As much as this is true, branding on the other hand breaks this rule and offers up an exception. Brands do not fulfill the simple needs of the everyday man nor does it offer up an unlimited possibility of prospects.

Brands are there to feed your hunger, cure that itch and satisfy your cravings.

This contrast, however subtle, is monumental. Referring to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we commonly lump the need for brands in the bottom platform of the pyramid – along with food, water, sex, sleep and shelter. This however, is a misconception that should be broken, as brands should stand tall at the top, exciting the customer’s morality, creativity, spontaneity and achievements – consequently creating much higher overall brand satisfaction.

By exciting our ever-evolving taste, you must work diligently to discover and uniquely feed people’s hunger to grow.

So before boxing it up and releasing it as just another commodity that needs to be fulfilled, even if it’s in a form of a leaflet, website or ad campaign, ask yourself; “what does the audience hunger for?”

This may sound like an easy task, but I assure you it is not.

Yes, people do need information.
But they long for speed, relevance and meaning.

Yes, people need mobile phones.
But they hunger for uniqueness, feature quality and style.

Yes, people need a home.
But people yearn for a haven, identity and attention.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking people will buy because they need and lose out on the opportunity to rich and excite the taste of your audience. Find and feed their hungers instead.

How is your brand defining its flavour?

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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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