socially awkward party

If you met your website at a party, would you be impressed?

Is it just a pretty face, which makes a good first impression, but you soon realise lacks personality?

Is it witty and engaging, leaving you to ignore the other party guests around you, submerging yourself in everything it has to say?

Or is it one of those partygoers that make you wish would leave early because they’re just so dreadfully boring?

Regardless of logo, colour scheme or whatever else they tell you are important, good content is what drives people to your site and it’s what keeps them there. Constantly updated content is also a must because there is nothing worse than someone who recycles the same old stories at party.

There are so many interactive and interesting websites, with cool spinning 3D images or flash animations, but they have to be there for a specific purpose or reason. Not just cause it looks cool when it moves all silly like.

A homepage should communicate your brands voice in a unique and personal way, but always remembering to keep it concise to actively and interactively engage your visitors.

Otherwise you’re going to have a pretty lonely time between the snack bar and the bowl of punch.

Is your website a party guest you would be dying to meet?

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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