enlightened man2

Picture a very enlightened man, deep in meditation. He is a man so calm, so focused, so centered, that nothing, and absolutely nothing can topple him over.

And the best brands in the world?
They are enlightened beings just like him.

Great brands are strong in their values, and operate solely on them. They stand firm to what they believe in and are not easily undermined or distracted from their mission or purpose.


It is important to know this because new-age consumers are keen on forming a relationship with brands and be engaged on a more personal level. And just like anyone seeking for a relationship, they are more likely to favour brands that are strong and assured in their ways. Brands that have “internalised”, before “externalising.”

Think Nike for champions, Apple for those who think different, and BMW for those who seek sheer driving pleasure.

Brands that are unprepared and insecure, on the other hand, will easily falter and react badly when questioned. (We sure hope you don’t.) Here are three prime examples:

1. “Wait, what was it that I said again?”

There is a tendency to rattle off the path when we aren’t too sure of where we stand, or what to say. Making things up along the way is a handy survival skill, but who knows where you’ll wind up a couple of twists and turns later. Is your brand one that uncovers truth, or tells the truth? Are you someone to bear with, or one to go bare-naked with? Identify your values, keep to them and create a strong identity for yourself.

2. “Chill out, man!”

Knee jerks and blow-ups are not pleasant, and they are known to happen when you feel threatened. Remember, relationships with your consumers should always take on more positives than negatives. Your brand shouldn’t be a constant pain in the butt that requires defending, but one whose values and actions speak for itself.

3. “I don’t know. And frankly, I don’t care anymore.”

Is this the type of attitude you want others to know you by? Would you, as a consumer, buy a car from a company that is consumed in negative mindset and practices absolute negligence? Be passionate about your values and believe in what you do. Only then, can you win over the trust of others.

Now, ask yourself this. Are your brand values well-internalised to give your brand the confidence it needs? And what values do you intend to share with your consumers?

Is your brand enlightened enough to take on the world?

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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