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How do you brand a 5K Run?

Running builds up your muscles and bones, relieves stress, strengthens your lungs, and so much more. There are just too many benefits to list down. And 5K Runs help you achieve those benefits. 5K runs are a trend these days and for a good reason: they promote a healthy lifestyle by adding a fun experience to it.

With the number of runs in Malaysia increasing with each passing year, it is safe to say Malaysians just love to run. That, or they were forced to by their bosses. So how do you get more people to attend your run? Without a doubt, every run is the same. But how you brand it, well, that’s what makes your run stand out.

Going on a run has never been this exciting. Here are a few examples of unique 5K Runs:

Music Run

The World’s Loudest 5K Run

Who’s it for:
Music lovers of all genres

What’s it about:

After gracing the shores of Malaysia in 2014, Music Run will once again return in 2016. Run or dance through a route lined up with 120 speakers to pump you on, with each kilometre amplifying a particular genre that ranges from rock, pop, old school, hip hop and dance. And at the finish line, a party awaits you. There’s a music festival at the finish line with world-class DJs, live bands, and so much more. After entertaining over 50,000 Music Runners across South East Asia, AIA has promised to deliver a new experience for participants in 2016. Pre-register now at:

Watch the experience:

The Colour Run

Happiest 5K Run on the Planet

Who’s it for:
Friends and family

What’s it about:

The Colour Run arrived in Malaysia in 2014, dousing Malaysia with colours from head to toe at each kilometre in the race. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Once you run through the finish line, you get to enjoy live performances that range from music to dancing, and with more colours being thrown in the air that creates a mesmerizing combination of vivid hues.

Watch the experience:

Zombie Run

The original zombie-infested 5K

Who’s it for:
People who are looking forward to a zombie apocalypse

What’s it about:

Remember the “Run For Your Lives” zombie run that came to Malaysia in 2014? Same concept, different name.

Zombie Run allows people to live out their favourite zombie apocalypse story. But compared to the other runs, zombie run has a special feature – It allows people to participate as zombies! So you better leave your kids out of this one. Put on your scariest zombie face (or have our zombie makeup artists assist you), chase the living hell out of the survivors (runners) and take their lives (red flag). But remember, survivors and zombies can’t have any kind of contact, or you’re out of the race.

Watch the zombie apocalypse unfold:

Cosplay Run

Costume up and run

Who’s it for:
Comic book fans and anime lovers

What’s it about:

What’s more to say about this? Dress as your favourite fictional character and just have fun. Take selfies with other characters or goof around as the characters you love most and run down the designated route. Join the Malaysian Cosplay Run coming to you on the 30th of April this year.

Watch the experience:
You can’t! Because it’s yet to take place! Register here to join at:

We would get bored if we eat the same thing everyday. Or eat just for the sake of not getting hungry. Similarly, people don’t just want to run because of not wanting to get sick. They want a memorable experience as well. In this case, they want to attend events where they can have fun with their family and friends. The keyword here is variety. Adding a fun and relatable theme to your run just makes it more exciting.

How would you brand a 5K Run?
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