Quick, what’s your New Year’s Resolution? We bet having a healthier and wealthier lifestyle is at the top of your list.

And so it is for most people. Getting healthy and losing weight is typically at the top of many lists. Turning one year older has a way of inspiring people to try and change their sedentary lifestyles, at least for the first few months.

Spending less and saving more is a close second goal. Improving personal finances is something that resonates with probably everyone, especially in the beginning of the year. After the annual splurge during the Holidays and Christmas season, people are more motivated to stop indulging and get saving.

In fact, Google recently published research results showing that searches for fitness goes up 7% every year while searches for savings accounts peaks at 36% in the first quarter of the year!

This makes the beginning of the year a great opportunity for brands to reconnect with its audience.

So, how can brands help customers meet their New Year’s resolutions?

1.    Promotions, discounts, and so on.

Promotions, discounts, limited time offers and rewards have a way of motivating consumers. This is a time-honoured technique that works across all categories.

Consumers looking to save money? Pump out promos for cheaper flights and holidays:


Want to take advantage of the resolutions to get fit even if you’re not a gym or fitness company? Offer discounts on the “accessories” you’ll know people will need:


Looking to strike at the heart of consumers who want a better deal? Offer cashback for big purchases to sweeten the deal:


Even cashbacks on everyday items like groceries can work. Because every little bit counts in a doubtful economy:


2.    Think mobile

The rise of mobile phone ownership means more people will use the device to help search for inspiration and information relating to their resolutions. For 2017, the number of smartphone users in Malaysia is estimated to reach 17.8 million.  It’s great if you have an app that makes your consumers’ life easier – banking apps that work well are lifesavers. If not, this is a good year to make sure your website is, at the very least, mobile optimized and does not force your user to wait a long time for a difficult-to-navigate mobile site.

3.    Think video

It’s the age of the smartphone, and with the wide availability of data, videos have become easy ways of consuming information bites. We all know what it feels like to while away the whole day just screening YouTube or Facebook for interesting things to watch, and people are increasingly searching for videos on “How-to” for both getting rich and fit.

Think Jack Ma and how his videos on achieving financial success are incessantly shared.

Even a guy who became famous for flashing a good body while selling durian managed to extend his 15 minutes of fame on Youtube- by publishing fitness videos with views in the millions.

4.    Useful content

It’s great to have a video channel, but what really matters is to populate said channel with useful content that enriches consumers’ life and helps them reach their goals. Content can be in the form of video as mentioned above. Or it can just be images, blog posts or Facebook post.

TRX Training which publishes workouts on its blog. With titles like “Get started with these New Year’s moves” it’s clearly catered for people who are looking to get fitter. Taking the time to create content shows that a brand cares, and also makes your brand easier to find in those all important search engines.


And as we do live in Malaysia, a multi-cultural country with multiple New Years, you can employ strategies that help your customers meet their resolutions all year long!


This becomes a beautiful win-win situation – a brand fulfills a need in consumers’ life, whilst consumers become an evangelist and help the brand getting the message out in the most valuable way – word of mouth.

However, don’t forget that, in the end, this isn’t just about fulfilling resolutions and promoting brands – it’s all about reinforcing the relation between consumers and brands.
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