If you commute within the Kuala Lumpur city centre, then you should be familiar with Brickfields Asia College and their ads plastered around town. From cinemas to LRT stations, BAC has a solid brand presence around the Klang Valley.

Recently, we noticed that they have changed their positioning/tagline from the lengthy “The Fastest and Smartest Way to Over 100 UK Law and Business Degrees!” to simply “The Fastest and Smartest!”

Frankly, we think this is a great change. As Shakespeare once said, brevity is the soul of wit. And this exercise of brand contraction has proven fairly for many international brands.

Nike took away the ‘Nike’ and just kept the swoosh. Starbucks took away the ‘Starbucks’ and just kept the twin-tailed mermaid. And Johnson’s & Johson’s is now simply Johnson’s.

There are many examples of brand contractions out there, and it makes absolute sense. Once your brand has taken root in the psyche of your audience, there is no harm in making minor refinements to streamline your brand.

In true fashion of The Bullet, this got us thinking about local brands and what they would look like if they went through a brand contraction. Below are the Top 4 Malaysian brands we think would enjoy this exercise:

DG (Original Name: DiGi)

Let’s make way for everyone’s favourite telco brand. If DiGi wasn’t short enough, after this exercise, you can simply call it DG. It even comes with a classy monogram.

Choki (Original Name: Choki-Choki)

Our favourite childhood brand has been around, well, since our childhoods. This chocolaty goodness would still be our favourite even if it were just called Choki!

Ramly (Original Logo: With Awning)

Malaysia’s favourite late night snack needs no refinement – not in the name at least. But their logo – that awning definitely got me yawning. Let’s do away with it.

Gardenia (Original Tagline: Tastes so good you can even eat it on its own)

Uncle Slocum’s original recipe tastes so good you can even eat it on its own. We’ve been saying this slogan since the 80s. I think it’s high time we come clean and just admit that Gardenia is simply “so good.”

Brand contractions aren’t always necessary. But it isn’t all too bad either. Trimming off a little fat could do you a lot of good – especially if it assists the audience in remembering your brand better.

So the next time you are in the process of rebranding, take a look at the logo, the tagline, or the overall positioning, and ask yourself, what can I gain (or lose) if I shed some weight?

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