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There’s an epidemic that’s been spreading through Malaysia for many decades now, and scientists have still not found the root of the cause. Concerns are at an all time high and we here at The Bullet understand that the number one key to prevention is awareness.

This particular public plague is not being spread virally, but however, audibly. Yes, if you haven’t guessed it, we are referring to the common infection that is Malaysian radio advertising where symptoms of said bug may cause cringing, foul moods and excessive eye rolling.

Just today, your sensitive human eardrums were probably afflicted by a radio ad of this nature:

Person 1: “Hey Sarah. I love the taste of scalding hot coffee, but I have nothing to drink it with. Now my clothes are permanently soaked and I suffer from terrible third-degree burns. What should I do?”

Person 2: “I love coffee too. That is why I bought a mug!”

Person 1: “A mug?”

Person 2: “A mug is a spherical object, kind of like a cup, but a lot sturdier because it’s made out of ceramic, a material usually known for its heat absorbing properties. I can drink all sorts of hot beverages, like coffee, teas, hot chocolate, sake, gravy, wolf tears and even soup!”

Person 1: “*exaggerated shock and surprise* waaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! Can we go buy one right now?”

Person 2: “Of course! It’s available practically everywhere! I guess now we can have our coffee and drink it too!”

Person 1 + 2: *keep laughing until ad fades out*

These alongside the likes of unrecognisably ‘funny accents’ are the bane of radio wave frequencies.

The sheer lack of quality as well as respect for the listener is bewildering, but what’s even more baffling, are Malaysian’s evolving immunity to these ads. We despise them, degrade them, and yet still air them on prime time radio.

Does nobody care? Is this a craft that has been left for dead?

Radio used to showcase the cream of the crop when it came to copywriting and creative commercial construction. So why do station owners, managers and program directors let this fly? What went wrong along the way? If an artist was this bad, the station would be more than happy to never play their record again.

So today, we stand up and say, “Enough is enough!”

There is so much you can play with when it comes to the sensory of sound. From sound effects to great story telling, it is amazing how 30 seconds of interchanging vibrations in the air can make you feel euphoric, nostalgic, pain or laughter. It can bring you to tears or make your hairs stand on end.

The only thing that it isn’t is being utilised. So lets take a stand as a nation and get past this ‘question, answer and surprise’ structure altogether and excite the listener once again. Because once you do, they will be all ears to what you have to say next.

Is your brand going to be the next sensation to hit the radio waves by storm?

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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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