So, how was your Merdeka celebration?

Did you just coop up at home or at least managed to squeeze in some form of celebration or two?

And if you did- was it enjoyable?

I think it’s about time we’ve progressed beyond the question that many high schools would push to ask: “Was it multiracial? Muhibbah tak?” ‘Cause naturally, it shouldn’t be an issue. It’s not a Merdeka thing. Harmony between our rainbow of races should be an very day practice that requires no conscious effort at all!

And it’s for that exact same reason that I always look forward to our Petronas Merdeka commercials. Racial difference takes a back seat and we celebrate life’s many bittersweet lessons, be it love, teamwork or a memorable childhood.
If I had to choose my favourite Petronas Merdeka ad, it would be this one, where the main theme lies in the importance of teamwork and staying united. There’s just something about the cast that reminds me of Lat’s comic characters which sets it apart from the rest.

PS, have you seen this year’s? It’s pretty darn good I say.
So, mind telling me which is your favourite Merdeka ad?

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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