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Hey there,

Have you got a knack for writing good articles on branding?

We are now open to featuring guest bloggers and writers on The Bullet, be it regular or one-off contributions!

If you’ve got something relevant to share with our readers, or would be interested in becoming a contributing thought leader – we’d love to have you showcase your branding expertise on our newsletter!

To get on board, feel free to contact us with a link to your blog / website, or send us an example of something you’ve written in the past.

Here’s the quick lowdown on The Bullet, and a gist on what you can expect as a guest writer / blogger:

1. What’s The Bullet for?
The Bullet was created to help marketing-oriented leaders and professionals, local or international, build stronger brands and create relationships between brands and consumers that work.

2. Who reads The Bullet?
Our readers are mostly marketers and entrepreneurs who are interested in discovering savvy and inspiring insights to help brand or market their businesses. It’s also catered to those who are looking for reading material to help buff up their knowledge on branding.

3. Benefits as a guest blogger / writer?
Your post will be featured on The Bullet, our blog and subsequently, shared on our social network. This gives you the opportunity to build self-credibility and gain exposure within the industry, as you will be sharing helpful and relevant information to our keen readers. To boot, you will also receive full credits for your post, with a short bio at the end of the write-up, accompanied by a photo and links to your website / blog.

4. What can I write about?
You may write about branding, advertising, social media, personal experiences or anything under the big blue sky as long as your article stays relevant to the overall theme of The Bullet, which focuses on the truth about branding, or true stories about brands. Feel free to e-mail us if you have any questions in mind.

PS, your article should also be easy to digest.

5. What will I have to provide?
We will need your article (an accompanying photo is optional), your full name and portrait, a short biography about yourself, and a link to your blog / website.

Before you make contact with us, read this:

All content submitted should be unique, and not be reproduced anywhere else.
It is entirely up to the Editor to select articles for publication.
Your article may be edited prior to publishing, of which you will be informed.
Write-ups must not contain foul language or attack another person / entity.
We reserve the right to decline write-ups that we find hard to connect with, or unfit our blog.

Interested? Contact us and send us your articles!
We look forward to hearing from you!

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