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*You are now reading Part #3 of our “Going Digital”: Misconception series. If you haven’t read Part 1 and 2,  we suggest you do so.

In this week’s “Going Digital” Misconception series, we would like to address a sentiment that many brands seem to share:

“I see no point in going digital. There will be too much money spent and not enough sales to justify the cost.”

Sounds familiar? Here are a few things to bear in mind.

Firstly, understand that “going digital” doesn’t immediately translate to sales.

Especially if the brand hasn’t got an online store to cater to that “sale”, or if the product isn’t really something you can buy spontaneously (it’ll definitely take more than a Facebook page to make someone fork out half a million for a car!).

Instead, try to recognise the digital platform as a medium that can help accommodate users at different buying stages.

And by “buying stages”, we are talking about the little steps that lead up to that “sale” you have in mind. For instance:

The “Just Browsing” Stage
This is when the user may have stumbled upon your website or social media channel. It is also known as “the sale that happens later”, as the user may not have a need for your product just yet, but you’d want them to keep YOUR brand in mind should the need arises. Be engaging and show them what your brand is all about – leave an impression! That way, you’ll make sure they leave your site knowing a little more about your brand and what you can do for them now, or when the time comes.

Evaluation Stage
At this stage, the user may already have a form of product/service in mind, but isn’t too sure which one to purchase. It is crucial for you to stand out from your competitors – and being informative might help you do so. Cover as much ground as you can by positioning your brand as an expert with tips, blogs or whatever form of branded content you can create. Don’t forget to consider all the doubts a consumer might have, as an unanswered question may just turn the user towards a competitor!

Purchasing Stage
The key here is to keep things simple. The user is prepared to buy your product/service – so why make up such a fuss? If you have an online store, try to reduce the number of steps it takes to complete an order and transaction; and if you don’t – tell them where and how they can find you. Make sure that the information is prominently displayed. The last thing you want is to mess things up by making it hard to find you after all that research and decision-making!

So, has your brand been harnessing the full potential of “going digital”?

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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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