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*You are now reading Part #1 of our “Going Digital”: Misconception series

We understand that the digital revolution has not been easy on many brands. After all, it is tough to commit to something that is fairly new.

Misconceptions tend to happen and here is one we’d like to clarify today, for the sake of all brands:

You can’t just “go digital” by investing in media buy. (Click to tweet)

“Going digital” means more than slapping adaptations of your existing on-ground campaigns onto web banners and sending it out to cyberspace.

When you invest in media buy, you are basically purchasing space that comes with an expiration date. Sure, it’s targeted and it’s precise; but you’re only renting it for the time being. It’s not yours to keep.

If you want to get serious – you’d have to invest in something for the long term. You’ve got to OWN something on the digital platform.

A Facebook fan page or an official site is a good start (plus it automatically guarantees you occupancy in the world’s largest shopping mall – Google Search) but that’s not all.

You’ve got to invest in good content.

Content gives you substance. Relevant content contributes and helps your brand gain a more prominent storefront in the Google “shopping mall”. It is what will set you apart from the millions of brands that occupy the digital market.

After all, what’s the point of owning a space if you haven’t got anything interesting or worthwhile to set up shop with? Why would anyone look you up?

Here are some prime examples of the brands that champion content and how they use it to their advantage.

American Express Open Forum
American Express sets the bar high with Open Forum, a real service that was created to court small business owners. It functions as an online resource and social networking hub for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are in search for practical information and tips for industry experts. They listen, engage and help as a friend rather than directly sell products – creating a strong brand affinity with its audience.

Red Bull’s Official Site
You’d be hard pressed to find a single product mention on the Red Bull website. From the latest news on surfing to live streams of the hottest motorsport events, the site is jam-packed with engaging content that showcases everything that the brand stands for. Remember Felix Baumgartner of Red Bull Stratos?

Similac Diaper Decoder
Diaper Decoder is an informative website that was created by infant formula brand, Similac. The site contains information on the many types of baby stools and what they could mean, helping new parents navigate through the many mysteries they might encounter when dealing with soiled diapers. The useful and highly practical content helped increase the top-of-mind recall for the brand in the diaper category.

So, how will your brand’s content look like?

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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