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Lo and behold ladies and gentlemen, for it is that time of the year. Raya is upon us once again, and the highways will be filled with travellers driving to celebrate the festivity with their family and friends. And you can bet the R&R pit stops across the Malaysian highways will be an oasis for weary travellers.

And, truth be told, we all need a little R&R, not only on our journeys back, but also in our journey of life. With all the troubles going on within and beyond our borders, not to mention our duty to our own sustainability (#workinglife), we could all Recharge & Refuel with activities that take our worries away and help us to move up a gear.

So this year, we, at Ganforhire, will be taking R&R on as our campaign. For us, R&R is more than pit stops on highways… it’s a pit stop for life’s journey. And there’s no better pit stop to have than Ramadan & Raya.
Yes folks, we have decided to add Ramadan to the campaign (From our previous campaign, Finding Syukur), because really, Raya would mean less without Ramadan. The two months entwined act as a great reminder for us to appreciate our blessings in life.

We acknowledge the fact that all of us enjoy our R&Rs in our own unique ways by moving forward from the generic relax and recreation, and creating a variation of R&Rs with attributes people can relate to on a personal level.

For Ramadan:

Finding relaxation in doing good:


1, 2, 3, rukun ke-4 sudah mari,
Ingat pesanan ibu jangan mencaci.

Finding relaxation in seeking knowledge:

Membaca demi kefahaman, bukan kehafalan.

Finding relaxation in taking care of the family:

Sambil memasak dekat masuk waktu,
Mak pergi jenguk anak yang tertidur.
Kalau sibuk sangat dengan X box tu,
Kita tengoklah nanti siapa yang KO.

Finding relaxations in lepak sessions:

Jangan nak merepek makan kerepek,
Cakap je ko nak panjat pokok isap rokok.

Finding relaxation in emptying their minds:

Nampak gaya macam tengah deep in thought,
Tapi termenung, otak kosong.

Finding relaxation in food:

Roti John & rendang senang nak dicari,
Eh cepatlah, aku nak makan ni.

For Raya

See which R&R you will get:

Let us all complement our joys and excitement with the rest and relaxation our body truly deserves; making our Raya a fulfilling experience in a way only we can truly enjoy. Hope you enjoyed our Ramadan & Raya campaign.

Salam Aidilfitri from all of us here at Ganforhire. May you have a Riang & Ria Hari Raya.
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