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From the Swimming Pool to the Shopping Aisle: How Joseph Schooling Can Help Push Brands


Who is Joseph Schooling?

He’s the 21-year-old swimmer who had just bagged Singapore’s first-ever Olympic gold, beating his idol Michael Phelps in the 100m butterfly. At a new record of 50.39 seconds, it’s a brilliant achievement for Schooling, and a lucky 4D number for Singaporeans.

So how will this affect Singapore?

Even before he landed, brands have already started congratulating him.

changi airport

coffee bean



And when he did land, everybody wanted to congratulate him. Companies literally rushed to give away freebies.

mcd golden nugget

grab 1

grab 2


Naturally, most Singaporeans felt proud of their homeboy.

semi serious 1

Credits to SemiSerious

semi serious 2

Credits to SemiSerious


Now that Schooling is a national pride, many more kids will take to the waters. Kiasu parents will say, “Ah boy, when you grow up you have to be like him and win Olympic medal ah.” Schools will hopefully groom more athletes. Corporations will sponsor more sportspeople. Government will provide facilities and give incentives to those who excel in physical activities.

dreams do come true

Joseph Schooling met his idol, Michael Phelps, at 13 and beat him at Rio Olympics at 21.

How Joseph Schooling can help brands

Here are some ways we see Joseph Schooling being used. All these ads were made up on the spot.





Using sportspeople as brand ambassadors is nothing new

usain bolt puma

maria nike

CR armani

hope solo simple

Brands have always been leveraging on celebrities and athletes to help boost their image and value. More brand ambassadors have gotten savvy and prefer to work with partners that allow them to be true to themselves.

As Ralph Santana said, “Today’s brand ambassador should humanize your brand – not simply be a human with your brand visibly emblazoned on his or her t-shirt.”

How can athletes help take your brand further?
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