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As long as humanity has had products to sell, people have devised ways to communicate their availability and benefits to potential buyers.

And just as humanity has advanced a long way, advertising has also evolved significantly from town criers at every corner or print ads on papyrus. In fact, advertising nowadays may seem like science fiction to those enterprising early capitalists.

From the printing press, to radio, to television, to the internet, mobile technology and virtual reality, each wave of technological innovation has opened up new and exciting avenues for advertisers.

So just for fun this week, lets take a look at how technology has driven and shaped the evolution of advertising.

From pretty words to pretty pictures:

Back in ye olden days, a clever turn of the phrase, a catchy tagline or jingle could boost an ads status to legendary.

Today, advertising is visual driven, with the greatest space reserved for an arresting visual. Studies have shown that most people are visual oriented, and with the average consumer bombarded by up a thousand ads a day, it has become integral for an ad to stand out visually in the swirling sea of advertising.

Sometimes words are not necessary at all:

Consuming the consumer 

Technology has made it possible for anyone to become a celebrity, paving the way for enterprising individuals to earn a steady livelihood promoting any and every product (the couple in this photo charges a minimum of $3,000 per Instagram post!) to their followings. Which is the product and who is the consumer now?  The lines have blurred all over the place.


From product to experience 

Where once ads would advocate a product and its various life-altering benefits, the challenge nowadays (with so many advertising channels available) is to create an unforgettable experience. The idea is that a consumer becomes enamored to a feeling created by the brand and then falls in love with the brand/product as well.

And as people become more sophisticated and bored with what we’ve already seen before, our advertising is set to evolve even further.

So what do you think? Do we live in a utopian wonderland of endless options, or is it all a dazzlingly hollow house of mirrors?

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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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