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If you have seen or driven past these billboard ads where they talk about products and the things it can do, as vague as this experience may sound, that probably is the extent of what you would remember of it. While feature-driven marketing strategies do work, it can be quite hard for the feature to come across when it doesn’t strike them hard at the first swing. If anything, the biggest feature of all is when a product solves a consumer’s problem.


When you focus on the benefit the product can bring to the consumer, it warrants an emotional response towards the brand. Consumers would then associate this emotional response when they engage with the brand for the first time. Features are like the benefits of the product itself, it brings a sense of value and credibility to your offerings. Benefits on the other hand, tells your consumer how that value gives them value and improve their lives. To turn features into benefits, a great question to prompt the spark is “What is the point?”


















Back in the day, energy saving bulbs were newly introduced and the drastic price difference was evident. The concept of saving money from a specific investment didn’t quite resonate to the public because they cannot feel the savings when it is intangible. But by translating the savings into the idea of everyday expenses, such as a “free dinner” or an “expensive haircut”, the articulated savings struck a chord. The public can now “see” the effects of a long term investment.


This is a great example on where in today’s world, we are so driven by the need to address the benefit of the product, we forget that we are not communicating it. Understanding what motivates your target and relating it back to the specific benefit of a product is a great way of showing consumers that you know what they really desire when establishing a relationship with your brand.


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