Hand it to a brand of coffee to surge life back into what was once thought of a dead medium. Part brand symbiosis, part explosive market penetration, Wonda Coffee teamed up with the News Straits Time to give us a reminder of why we’re in the creative business.

In an already coffee-saturated culture filled with smart phone addicts, secret cafes, overused QR codes, hashtags and Instagram, it was easy for Asahi’s ready-canned-coffee to ride that wave and hit the market like a synth player for an underground indie band would hit the stage.

But instead, they brought a unique experience through traditional media that just tickles our taste buds with curiosity.

Having been on Malaysian shelves since last December, they have yet to create a Facebook page, which is an insane move if you ask anybody in the media business. Instead, Wonda Coffee have gone all out on print to create a (coffee?) buzz unlike any other.

They have hallmarked themselves as the first 5D advertising campaign to hit Malaysia, which was aimed to engage their audience’s sense of touch, sight, sound, smell and taste. The campaign was touted as the most innovative print-enabled campaign and in turn, NST also made history by being the first newspaper in Malaysia to achieve this.

They wanted to provide a different experience for their consumers and they made sure we’d take notice, no matter what. And boy, did we!


With the use of pop-up ads and enticing headlines, the extended their reach out of the page on a centrespread, four page insertion.


Next, every ad included a pair of 3D glasses that allowed the contents of the can pop out from the page.


The following ad played Wonda’s signature tune when the page was opened, bringing a whimsical feel to every turn.


The page then even let off the unique aroma of their coffee that would complement the visuals and copy as you read it.


But of course, a means to an end. You must have been jaded beyond compare to not want a taste or at least be curious enough, after their week long series of innovative print ads.

Where could they possibly go from here? Up! The sky is the limit as they are currently doing entire LRT wraps, submerging the consumer in a giant metal can, surrounding us with their distinct coffee smells once again.

What Wonda Coffee offers us that so many have failed is the overall experience of the brand. Giving life to what was once taught a slowly fading medium, it makes us wonder if the world really is moving onto the digital space or have we just hit a creative block?

How is your brand utilising its ready available resources like Wonda?

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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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