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The screens are set, the Astro has been checked, and the mamaks and pubs are ready for your 30 days of football sessions.

The UEFA European Championship is arriving this weekend. Players and their fans from around the world are raring to go. This year, the event has become more interesting. With 24 teams qualifying, an increase from the regular 16, the first-timers and the underdogs will be eager to leave an impression, especially after Leicester City’s feat in the premiership, and Greece’s moment of magic in 2004.

A great event for brands to promote themselves, for not only do the Europeans watch it, the whole world joins them to see who amongst the elite teams of Europe will turn out victorious. And we have picked the brands that inspires football fans from around the world through the passion that comes with the game.

Hyundai – Real Fans First

Every fan wants to see their team in action. And when a major football event reaches your country, you’ll try your very best just to see them. Hyundai captures that moment in their ad, where a kid tries his hardest to do so, only to be disappointed with sold out tickets. Eager to watch the game in amongst a crowd, he then tries to go to a pub, but was too young to enter. But do not worry. Thanks to Hyundai, it doesn’t end in complete disaster (watch the ad to see what they did). Fortunately, young Malaysians don’t have to worry about that. Our “Mamaks” are open for all ages.

Nike – Spark Brilliance


Through their current campaign, “Spark Brilliance,” Nike came up with two ads for the EUROs with the motto “It only takes one move to ignite the game and inspire a nation.”

Blaise Matuidi

Every football fan had that particular moment that made them fell in love with the game – that moment of magic. And it’s the same for footballers. For Blaise Matuidi, it all started with a moment of magic by Jay-Jay Okocha.

Half-Time Speech feat. Arda Turan.

For Arda Turan, the spark of brilliance comes from the grassroots of his country. The captain of Turkey uses it to inspire his teammates at half-time by remembering the way they grew up, from playing football in the streets, to representing their nation. “We don’t lose when we lose. We lose when we give up,” he says. “For the kids who dream of wearing this shirt (the national team jersey). For our streets. For our country.”

BBC Wales – Our Time

So close, so many times. Probably a phrase England and Portuguese fans can relate to most. But this ad isn’t only about coming close to winning, it’s about the coming close to just qualifying. And BBC Wales captured that well with Wales, after all those years, since the competitions enunciation in 1960, they have reached the Euros for the first time. This is a very relatable theme, as it’s either a first time or a first time after so long for some teams.


Any team will tell you the same thing. Games are not won by the 11 players on the pitch. It is won as a team, as a whole, as a nation. With Portugal being a team who has the most appearances in the last 4 without winning the trophy, MEO and Cristiano Ronaldo feels maybe that’s not enough. They need the help of all 11 million Portuguese on the pitch at their best… as captains!

Paddy Power

Even though Scotland didn’t qualify, they are not crying (not anymore at least). In fact, they’ll still be watching the Euros. They’ll be watching to see the team they loath the most, lose (that’s you England). And surely other teams that failed to make it will be tagging along with them (not necessarily England).

How would your brand inspire fans in a major event?
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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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