Easter Murder 148w

It’s Easter like you’ve never seen it.

For a traditionally holy occasion, Easter sure has a lot of strange customs associated with it. From egg rolling and pyrotechnics, to cold water fights and even female spanking, many interesting and bizarre traditions have accumulated around the Easter festival over the centuries it has been celebrated.

Find out about some of them here:
Bunny with Sherlock Holmes Beret and PipeBunny with Box of MatchesPlayboy Bunny





Easter is very much like a brand. It has its own personality, values and culture, built on a firm foundation of belief. While there are some things that are generally known about Easter, there also some eccentricities and unique truths that enrich it, like those mentioned above.

Try out this short exercise, using Easter as a guideline, to discover something more about your brand.

What do people say about your brand when they talk about it?
Easter = Rabbits, Eggs, Easter Bunny, Church, Resurrection
Your Brand =

What does your brand mean to people that makes them want to connect with and embrace it?
Easter = Holy, Hope, Fun
Your Brand =

What customs and cultures have been built around your brand?
Easter = Egg Painting, Egg Hunt, Easter Mass, Egg Rolling
Your Brand =

Have fun finding out things that you can associate your brand with.
And have a Happy Easter!

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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