Angry Brand

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Angry Brand
Image by Tarelkin


That campaign is up and running.

Those brochures are printed and delivered.
The web banners and microsites have been deployed.
What’s done is done.

There are no guarantees, only faith in insight and creativity.
There are no definites, only research and guesswork / deduction.
There are no secret formulas, only much testing and measuring.

What’s done is done.

If it works, find out why, celebrate and move on to the next thing.
If it doesn’t, find out why, recalibrate and move on the next thing.
If it’s somewhere in between, celebrate and recalibrate a little, and move on to the next thing.

Because there’s so much to be done, and dwelling on the past won’t change a thing.
Because branding doesn’t succeed or fail based on a single campaign or event, but a series of connected, on-going activities.
Because, just like in life, we get to learn from our mistakes, put what we’ve discovered to good use, and therefore constantly do better than we’ve ever done before.

What’s done is done.
What’s next is so much more important.

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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