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Don’t Do Good Advertising; Just Do Good

When’s advertising not advertising?

When it drives women to reassess the way they see themselves.

When it allows others to see through the eyes of the blind.

When it shows us the conscience of smokers.

When it gives you hope for humanity.

When it fills the world with positive colour.

Because advertising doesn’t always have to be about the sale and the deal, the dazzling cinematography and the memorable jingle, the product shot and the oft-repeated brand name; if it’s real, and it’s true, and if it reaches in and touches the very core of what makes us human, if it MAKES A DIFFERENCE, then advertising is no longer advertising, but a powerful tool for doing good and creating change.

So what’s YOUR advertising going to do today?

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  • Janet Lee

    Well done! I must say Bullet is getting better and better :)

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