“I’ll prove to you if God exist, then he is evil.”
“If God created everything, then he created the evil.”
Not exactly something you’d think would run for the Republic of Macedonia’s Ministry of Education and Science eh?
This commercial tackled a very popular topic. Religion vs facts.
Coming from a textbook-based country, this commercial appealed to me because I remember how the early schooling days usually involved keeping quiet in class, and just accepting whatever we’re told. Word by word.
There may have been circumstances where things just don’t add up – but we didn’t know better. For instance, like how some teachers insisted that being left handed is a bad thing, and they’d try really hard to make such students switch to their right instead. Truth is – that’s nonsense and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it! Belief based on made-up assumptions got in the way of logic. If only we knew better, we would have stood up against it.
Knowledge, is indeed power. A little revelation from someone could change the minds of many to make the world a better place, where truth always reign.
And that too, is the power of advertising.

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