Do the dappan

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Take a good look.

If the dislikes weren’t obvious enough, you could probably get the gist of things by analyzing the comments section. In relation to this ‘well-thought out’ video from a world-renowned oil and gas company, one would be able to notice without a shadow of doubt at how far they’ve strayed from the truth and in turn negatively affect their brand image.

The entire clip was based on the Dappan Kuthu, which may be a common sight in Tamil cinema, but what the producers clearly didn’t understand was that this particular ritual is a sacred funeral dance. Inappropriate? We think so.

Equating a religious celebration to stereotypical Indian cinema that is rarely representative of their day-to-day culture was another clear example of how money rarely, if ever, makes the message. When you’re dealing with people and their personal beliefs, the safest way we can put this is: you better get it right.

Deepavali a.k.a Diwali in India and other parts of the world in essence is about triumph of good over evil and above all, family. It is a cause for celebration and congregation among loved ones filled with food, gifts and of course, a festive and grand array of lights!

At the end of the day, it is a brand’s responsibility to connect in every way possible to their target audience. Do the research, understand the message, execute with care and watch as you receive all the love in the world.

We hope that we shed some light on the true meaning of this wonderful and festive holiday, and we wish our fellow Hindu friends a Happy Deepavali.

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