Before we start, let me just add the fact that this is just another fanboy Deadpool article that seeks to gain the attention of the masses because…


And if you’re reading this, you love it too. Unless vulgarity, violence, and the honest truth is not your thing. But if that’s the case, then you’re a hater and you should really stop reading this article right now. Thanks pumpkin.

Look, I know what you’re thinking, “Just another Deadpool article.” But then it got me thinking, why the hell not? I loved the film and the marketing strategy behind it. So why can’t I join the bandwagon and feed the internet with more Deadpool? I know Deadpool would be happy. I surely hope he’d be happy. And honestly, that’s all that matters. The X-men can go get lost… in an Apocalypse kind of time, Captain America can go have civil sex with Iron Man (Finally!), and Batman can go dawn on Superman’s justice stick (Finally too!).

Truth be told, unlike what the critics out there are saying, Deadpool did not set the bar for all superhero films. Why, you ask? Because Deadpool is Deadpool. And there is no other superhero that can even come close to sharing the same breath as Deadpool. I mean, just look at how he markets himself!

First he uses emojis for a billboard. Who uses emojis on billboards? Deadpool does!

If you thought Tinder was only for dating and making friends with or without benefits, then you got it all wrong sweetie. Nah, I was just kidding. Tinder is Tinder, just like Deadpool is Deadpool. And Deadpool probably swiped right most of the time. You know, just for kicks.

He allowed users to generate clickbait templates to trick your friends (or your friendship). I mean seriously, “The Subliminal Message in Every Website About Cheese That Everyone Should Fear.”? What the **** does that even mean? “Thus the power of clickbait,” I say to myself in my head. And now on paper. I mean document. So go on. Click on that link. Click it and be Poolbaited!

And then he decided, Oooo! Let’s promote the film as a Halloween flick. And he did.

And then what does he do? He promotes his film as a Valentine’s flick. A movie Ryan Reynolds once said “There will be blood. Guns. F-bombs. And graphic, expertly lit French Unicorn sex. #Aprilpools” as a Valentine’s flick. Kudos to the posters. Really does look like a chick flick. How I pity the people who cried at first blood!

But then again, just like Deadpool, true love doesn’t die does it?

But he didn’t stop there. Oh no he didn’t. He goes and make a mockery of DC’s upcoming film. And he used it as a film poster. WOW.

Then there is him travelling the world. This is him in Australia. Or making himself look like he’s in Australia:

And this is him in Mexico. Or making himself look like he’s in Mexico.

Then he decided to give a PSA for men. Who says you can add a few puns and a bit of wit in a PSA? Deadpool does!

And one for the ladies, of course.

But truly, this phenomenal film wouldn’t even have been made if it wasn’t for the leaked footage released in August 2014. So we should all sit down and pray, and give thanks to the man who leaked this footage.

*Whispers* “We know it was you Ryan Reynolds! Cheers!”

But seriously, who else gets to lambast, tell truths, and discriminate people like this man in the red suit. No one else can do what Deadpool does. Deadpool is Deadpool! Deal with it!

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