Snakes and Ladders CNY

Why does December get to embrace all the change, festivity, gift giving and merriment? It is unfair to the rest of the calendar year and an amendment is in order!

I mean, sure, who are we if not to constantly strive to better ourselves, but there is more at play than we think, as our actions and decisions act as a catalyst to spark off joy, prosperity and hopefully, success of not just us, but others around us.

So as it’s the start of a New Year, and we all probably made ‘real life changing’ resolutions back in December, the skinnier, more family orientated people we planned to be might just have to wait in line for before our Chinese New Year Brand Resolutions.

It’s easy or at least, not very challenging to keep your brand the same, whether that’s within a small radius of people you interact with or doing the same work you’ve done for years. Now is a great time to change all that.

Here are some little tips and exercises for your brand to take on board to make the most of this year, transforming it into the company you envisioned it being:

Say YES to something you always wanted to your brand to do or drive towards, but been afraid to try for fear of failure – As obvious as this sounds, the countless amount of time you witness great brands holding back because of that ‘what will the public think about us’ mentality is a crying shame.

Say NO to “a sure thing”, when you even have the security of knowing the outcome, but have no passion for its pursuit – We all want to make others happy and we all want to see our name in lights. But integrity is key and that’s something nobody can claim from your brand except you.

Say YES to a creative challenge, even if (or at least for the moment) it doesn’t carry a big financial reward – Pushing the limits and breaking boarders is so much more worthwhile, knowing that you could be the next game changer.

Say NO to something you really don’t want your brand to do, but are doing anyway because you feel is necessary for you to stay afloat – There are exceptions to the rule and only you can gauge its value, but there’s nothing worst than having external forces drive you, especially ones you loathe.

Say YES to being of service to an individual, organization or community, without expecting something back in return – This too could carry over into your New Years Resolution. People notice good deeds and true intentions. Start putting your brand in that light and only good can come of it.

By shedding our limiting beliefs we are free from the weight of burden, enabling us to rise to heights we didn’t think were reachable. So just let go and enjoy the rewards that come with it.

Wishing you all the best this Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Enjoy our new and improved Snakes & Ladders game that we conjured up this festive season. Click here to download.

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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