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There is an issue I would like to address that has plagued the screens and papers for too long now. It is a growing problem in the advertising world, which I would like to appropriately label: the easy-way-out epidemic.

I am referring to the recycled brand ambassadors that are currently plastered around town, who seem to jump on board the ‘thumbs up’ billboard bandwagon for a quick buck, as well as the slack approach the brand’s creative team chooses to pursue by effortlessly structuring taglines that denote something along the lines of, ‘BAGUS’ and/or ‘HEBAT’. Though less time-consuming and much cheaper in the long run, the brand and its creative team are in turn, missing out on creating an imaginative and visually stimulating ad that is actually worth its consumers’ attention.

I’m talking about badminton champions being the poster boy for both stationary products and doorknobs, or Kung Fu stars giving the public advice on airline services or antivirus software.

In theory, it is a great method to boost brand recognition but because the lack of actual foresight, everybody seems to be jumping on the latest-big-thing, casting ‘in’ and recognisable celebrities as the face of their brand – missing the whole point of having an ambassador entirely.

Think Roger Federer, who won 17 Grand Slam singles titles, holding the World No. 1 position for 302 weeks overall, being the frontman for Nike.

Think Felix Baumgartner, the first man to break the sound barrier without any vehicular power and who set the world record for skydiving from space, carrying Red Bull’s name.

These are ‘am-badass-adors’ to the highest degree, being properly allocated for what they do best, where their achievements, personality and charisma match that of the brand.

A brand ambassador is meant to embody the corporate identity in appearance, demeanour, values and ethics. They have to be the right person with the right skills, exhibiting the core values of the company. I just can’t say I feel the same way in regards to our local scene.

Is your brand being properly represented?

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