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By now, we all know that branding isn’t all about pretty logos and snappy catch phrases to make people notice you. Prove this statement you ask? Incredible India.

Yes, the alliteration helps the tagline, but what the Indian tourist board accomplished by re-branding, finding that niche and executing it was anything short of remarkable. I personally would say tourism epitomises branding, as it is all about creating that emotional connection, knowing the truth and tapping into the consumer’s perception of what that place means to them.

In 2002, India wanted to create a brand equity, which would increase its brand recognition and brand power. This however, was not an easy job. With neighbouring competitors like Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore who were roping in on average 8 million tourists a year and who all had their own touristic identity, this was going to be an uphill battle for India, as their numbers were only a mere 2.5 million.

So they took a step back, found their niche and created a new, improved and upscale India. By appealing to the upper end of the market, the Incredible India campaign was born, and what a birth it was.

The campaign was launched with a well-synchronised integrated communications strategy, releasing powerful television commercials on CNN, BBC, Discovery and TV channels. In parallel with print media campaigns released in leading publications like Traveller, Vogue, Geo & leading In-flight magazines.

How did it go turn of for India? The number of visitors grew from 2.5 million to 5.6 million and actually helped country develop. More tourism meant more employment, flooded money into the county, improved health conditions and infrastructure.

Years later, and even a few marketing awards under their belt, India still holds it’s own. Incredible India focuses on India’s authentic experiences and differentiates itself as a spiritually elevating, culturally enriching and mentally rejuvenating destination.

Just by looking within, and discovering the sincerity of India’s own disposition, they projected their essence, who they are as a nation, and branded the truths about themselves. This is something we can learn and all achieve.

When we seek truths, we discover it pretty easily. Just by switching on that light, we overcome the darkness, illuminating the sincerity within us, finding out what make us who we are.

Happy Deepavali Everyone.

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